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As well as researching my own family trees, I have also spent some time with my partner Zoe researching her ancestors. Zoe has a very rich family tree, full of politicians and men of faith, teachers, and a bit of Italian... Our research has unearthed a seemingly unending list of biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs written about, or by, people in Zoe's family tree - and we are always looking to find original editions of the ones we haven't found (see the "Wanted" link below for details).

CLARK - Zoe's Paternal line, the CLARK family were Quakers, and have a large presence in Yorkshire, particularly in Osmotherley. Zoe's CLARK line includes Teachers, soldiers, and Master Blacksmiths.
DALPRA - Zoe's Maternal line, the DALPRA family originates in Trento, Italy and arrived in London via Egypt and Lebanon. We have seen many variations of the name including Dal Pra, Delpra, Del Pra, but it appears that it should be rech Dalpra.
WHETTALL - Zoe's Father's maternal line, the WHETTALL family
ELDERS - Zoe's Mother's maternal line, the ELDERS family has a very large presence in Yorkshire especially in the areas Whitby.
HOBSON - Zoe's paternal Grandfather's maternal line, the HOBSON family is a famous Quaker family from Ireland, in particular Lurgan, Armagh, though they now have descendants all over the world including USA and British Columbia. Zoe can boast among her HOBSON ancestors William Hobson ("Quaker Warrior"), Samuel George Hobson (aka S. G. Hobson the author and a founder member of the Independent Labour Party), and Bulmer Hobson (a leading member of the Irish Volunteers, the IRB, and a founder of Na Fianna Éireann)
ROOKE - Zoe's maternal Grandfather's maternal line, the ROOKE family has a presence in Surrey, and London, but may have originated in Devon.
RUSSELL - Zoe's RUSSELL ancestors originate in Cheshire, but have a presence in many places due to the nature of her Great Great Great Grandfather's calling. Thomas Russell was a famous Primitive Methodist preacher and he travelled far and wide preaching.

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