Crystal Mary Isabel Brock (1907-1988)

Crystal Mary Isabel Brock was born on 13th Nov 1907 at 27 South Morgan Street, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. She was the second child of Harry Archibald Brock and Crystal Mary Charles.

Crystal Mary Isabel Brock's Birth in 1907

In 1911 Crystal is recorded in the Census as living with her family at 2 Wyndham Place, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. The family is recorded in the census thusly:-

The Brock Family in the 1911 Census
2 Wyndham Place, Today

Crystal was only 16 (though the certificate says 17) when she married George Farmer on 13th Apr 1923 at the Register office in Cardiff. I suspect that she was probably already pregnant with my Grandfather, George Harry Arthur Farmer, as he was born less than 8 months later. Crystal was still living with her parents at the same address as in 1911 and her mother was one of the witnesses.

Crystal's 1923 marriage to George Farmer
140 Craddock Street, Today

It's possible that the couple lived with Crystal's parents for a short while because their first child, George Harry Arthur Farmer, was born at 2 Wyndham Place on 1st Dec 1923. By the time their second child, Dorothy Doreen Crystal Farmer was born in 1925 they were living at 140 Craddock Street, Cardiff - not far from George's parents at 156.

By the birth of third child, Joan Freda Farmer, in 1927 the family were living at 14 Blackstone Street, Cardiff, and in 1930, for the birth of fourth child David John Farmer, they were at 42 Deere Road, Ely, Cardiff. In 1936 their fifth child, Crystal Roslyn Farmer, came into the world at 62 Deere Road - is this a transcription error, or had they moved yet again?

42 Deere Road, 2011

The family is next listed in the 1939 register as living at 10 Archer Road, Cardiff though it can't be long after this that Crystal and George were divorced. 

10 Archer Road, Today

Crystal and the children left Wales to start a new life in England during the War years - a time of upheaval for many people. It has been said that the family ended up in Birmingham for a while, but so far I haven't found anything to back that up. What is known is that by 1945 Crystal had settled in Guildford, Surrey, England - here she is in the 1945 Surrey Electoral Register living with Charles Henry Gunner at 34 Drummond Road, Guildford.

The Surrey Electoral Register, 1945
34 Drummond Road, 2014

Crystal went on to marry Charles Henry Gunner on 28th Dec 1960 at the Register office in Guildford. By this time Crystal and Charles were living at 123 Rydes Hill Road, Guildford. Crystal's youngest daughter, Crystal Roslyn Farmer, was one of the witnesses.

Crystal's marriage to Charles Henry Gunner in 1960

Crystal Mary Isabel Gunner, previously Farmer, nee Brock, died on 12th Nov 1988 at the same address in Guildford from Bronchopneumonia leading to congestive cardiac failure. She was 80 years old.

Crystal Mary Isabel Brock's Death Certificate
Cause of Death

Crystal was cremated at Guildford Crematorium on 18th Nov 1988. There is an online memorial for Crystal at the findagrave website here.

George Farmer and Crystal Mary Isabel Brock had the following children:-


1. George Harry Arthur Farmer was born on 1st Dec 1923 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. He married Hazel Maud Johnson on 18th Mar 1944 in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England. They divorced sometime in 1949 and he married Ursula Effie Jane Jolin on 2nd Aug 1949 in Guildford, Surrey, England. George died on 20th Mar 2002 in Farnham, Surrey, England.


2. Dorothy Doreen Crystal Farmer was born on 9th Aug 1925 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. She married George Edward Charles Smith on 22nd Mar 1947 in South Benfleet, Essex, England. Dorothy died on 20th Jul 2016 in Southend On Sea, Essex, England.


3. Joan Freda Farmer was born on 7th Nov 1927 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. She married Frederick John Williams on 6th Sep 1947 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales.


4. David John Farmer was born on 27th Jun 1930 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. He married Barbara Shirley Dance on 8th Mar 1958 in Guildford, Surrey, England. David died on 8th Jul 2006 in Guildford, Surrey, England.


5. Crystal Roslyn Farmer was born on 10th May 1936 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. She died on the 15th Jun 2005 in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Charles Henry Gunner and Crystal Mary Isabel Brock had no issue.

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