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I'm 44 years old and work in a local supermarket. I love movies and TV, especially Star Wars, Aliens, Outlander, The Walking Dead, Poldark, Peaky Blinders, and Indiana Jones. I have a daughter called Breanna Willow Joels, who lives in Queensland, Australia, and its for her that i continue to do all this in the hope that she will know where she comes from.

I have been researching my various family trees for about 6 years, I have acquired 2 certificates in "Family & Local History: Beyond The Internet" through the University of Dundee, and i am hoping to take the Post Graduate course with them soon. I am a member of the Society of Genealogists (though it must be pointed out that neither my membership to the SOG or my Certificates should be taken to mean that i am qualified or accredited in anyway), and i have full subscriptions to ancestry, findmypast, the genealogist, The National Newspaper Archives, and others. I have also had the honour of doing a little work on John Hurt's family tree for his cousin Joyce (John has previously been featured on "Who Do You Think You Are?" so there wasn't a lot for me to find, but i was able to provide Joyce with information on a more personal level) - obviously as a huge ALIEN fan this has been a real privilege.

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